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A Superb Quality Palatial French Louis XVI Style Ormolu Mounted, Satinwood and Kingwood Parquetry and Vernis Martin Style Paneling Three-Door Raised Vitrine Cabinet by Paul Sormani. The Vernis Martin Panles signed "V.Gossen". The lower part of the cabinet with three frieze drawers supported by two square-sectioned tapered legs, fronting an ormolu mounted parquetry back panel, on toupie feet. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A1200
FRANÇOIS LINKE (1855-1946) A Very Fine and Large French Louis XV Style Gilt-Bronze Mounted Kingwood and Vernis Martin Decorated Vitrine with a three-part Brèche d'Alep marble tops, the lock has been removed to reveal the stamp Ct. LINKE/PARIS. Linke's Index Number 76 "Grande vitrine Louis XV 3 corps bois de violette Panneaux Vernis Martin". Circa: Paris, 1901-1914. Ref.: A1594
A Very Fine French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Mahogany and Ormolu Mounted Two-Door Vitrine, after a model by Adam Weisweiler (French, 1744-1820) with two doors below a finely chased and reticulated gilt bronze frieze with figures of goats, scrolling grape vines, and a Bacchanalian mask flanked by cornucopia. The D-shape ends of curved glass raised on bronze mounted tapering square legs joined with a shelf and paneled back. The middle apron fitted with a single drawer. Circa: Paris, 1890. Ref.: A1561 - Lot 10794
A Superb Quality French 19th-20th Century Louis XV Style Ormolu-Mounted Kingwood, Satinwood and Satine Single Door Figural Vitrine by renown master craftsman and cabinet maker François Linke (1855-1946), fitted to the front with a beveled glass door opening to an oak interior lined in a red fabric with two glass shelves. Signed: F. Linke to mount centering the apron. Circa: Paris, 1900's. Ref.: A1281
A Very Fine French 19th Century Louis XV Style Ormolu Mounted Plum Pudding Mahogany Veneer, Mahogany and Vernis Martin Decorated Vitrine à Deux Corps, probably by François Linke (1855-1946). The lower structure fitted with finely chased gilt-bronze mounts with female masks, musical instruments, floral drapes, bows and acanthus, centered with a frieze drawer and a cupboard door with three painted panels. The center front painted panel with a Romantic courting park setting scene amongst sheep and a sculpture fountain of Putti; the side panels both with parks scenes of a resting lion sculpture and fountain flanked by grassing sheep. The lower cabinet interior with three drawers, the upper vitrine case with two glass shelves, a bowed beveled front door and sides, crowned with a fine gilt-bronze wreath mount with ribbons, all raised on four cabriolet legs with cast lion paw mounts. Circa: Paris, 1890-1900. Ref.: A 2378 - Lot 11254
A Very Fine, Large and Rare Italian 19th Century Gilt-Bronze Mounted Ebony, Copper, Gilt-Bronze and Bone-Inlaid Ebonized Display Cabinet, the cresting of inverted break-front outline surmounted by gilt-bronze figures of standing griffins, veneered with a frieze of anthemion above a large bevelled glazed door enclosing two shelves, the flared convex sides fitted with triple columnar supports, the conforming lower section with molded borders fitted with stylized female sphinxes and centered by a narrow drawer; the porating griffins, anthemion, birds, rinceaux and female figures on ebonized grounds, and decorated with a pair of bronze masks. Circa: Florence, 1880. Ref.: A1928
A Fine French 19th/20th Century Louis XV Style Kingwood and Ormolu Mounted Single-Door Vitrine, the demi-lune shaped cabinet with an arched bonnet, molded trim above a bombé glazed door framed with rocaille within a "C" scroll and stylized acanthus cast encadrements issuing shaped circular foliate and budding branch reticulated bronzes over similarly molded pierced "C" scrolled and blossoming stem mounts cornered by berried laurel intertwined with lattice form details flanked by corners of chutes issued from curling floral foliate bronze mounts ending in curling shell and leafy branches on paw feet enclosed by bombé glazes sides centering similarly cast bronzes, bearing the inscription to one corner mount, 'F. Linke'. The interior upholstered with a recent burgundy red velvet. Circa: Paris, 1900*. Ref.: A1815
A Very Fine French 19th/20th Century Louis XVI Style Mahogany, Kingwood and Tulipwood Parquetry Three-Door Vitrine with ormolu mounted floral wreaths, ribbons, female masks and centered with an ormolu basket with flowers amongst foliage. In the manner of François Linke (1855-1946). The lock-plate stamped Duvivier/77, St. Antoine/Paris. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A1852
A Very Fine and Palatial French 19th Century Louis XV Style Kingwood and Ormolu Mounted Two-Door Vitrine Cabinet, the arched top surmounted with gilt-bronze moldings and trim, centered atop with an allegorical Bacchic male mask and acanthus and a pair of male masks on each side and inset-bronze flutes, with three glass shelves and a large drawer below, raised on foliate scrolled feet. Circa: Paris, 1870. Ref.: A1978
A Very Fine and Large French 19th-20th Century Louis XV Style Mahogany and Ormolu Mounted Vitrine Cabinet with a Veined Mint Green Marble Top, Attributed to Georges-François Alix (1846-1906). The long and narrow three-door vitrine cabinet with two interior glass shelved and an upholstered backing. The reverse of the lock-plates stamped "Ch. Leidenroth Paris ALF. Schmidt Suc". Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2020 - Lot 10551
A Fine and Rare Italian Venetian 19th Century Giltwood Carved "Vernis Martin" Style Decorated Credenza Vitrine Cabinet with a marble top. The upper single door vitrine with a bombé front glass door and curved sides, crowned with a floral shell and a single upholstered wooden shelf. The lower two-door cabinet fitted with a Giallo Siena marble top above a center open compartment flanked by two curved doors. Each door panel decorated with romantic courting scenes, the side panels decorated with the same maidens by themselves. The center opened compartment and the back-splash panel lined with a worn burgundy velvet, all raised on four rocaille cabriolet legs. All gilt is original. Circa: Venice, 1860-70. Ref.: A2206
A Very Fine French Louis XV Style Belle Époque Mahogany and Tulipwood Ormolu Mounted Vitrine Cabinet with a Brêche Violette marble top, attributed to François Linke (1855-1946). The single door vitrine with beveled glass panels, surmounted with floral wreath gilt-bronze mounts, with two interior glass shelves above a storage compartment, raised on four cabriolet legs with ormolu sabots. The front door with a parquetry designs with corner ormolu rosettes. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2414 - Lot 11267
A Very Fine French Louis XV Style 19th/20th Century Gilt-Bronze Mounted Kingwood Single-Door Vitrine, attributed to François Linke. The rectangular case of bow-front outline with concave angles fitted with a marble top and enclosed by a glazed panel door within glazed paneled sides with foliate and C-scroll encadrements with two glass shelves, raised on slender cabriolet legs headed by foliate chutes trailing to sabots. Stamped "FL" on the top carcass. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A1214
A Fine French 19th Century Louis XV Style Gilt-Bronze Mounted and "Vernis Martin" Style Bombé Tulipwood Veneered Vitrine Cabinet with a Breche d' Alep Marble Top. The serpentine front door vitrine with a bombé front and sides glass, surmounted with three hand painted panels, the front one with an 18th century garden courting scene, the side panels lakeside and garden views of a castle. The upper corners and top apron with floral gilt bronze mounts. The upholstered interior with two glass shelves and an enclosed storage compartment, all raised on four cabriolet legs with gilt-bronze sabots. Circa: Paris, 1890-1900. Ref.: A2243
A Very Fine and Palatial French 19th Century Louis XV Style Giltwood Ornately Carved Two-Door Vitrine Display Cabinet of serpentine form with foliate and shell carvings, surrounding two glazed bombé front doors Circa: Paris, 1860. Ref.: A1277
A Very Fine Large and Impressive pair of French 19th century Louis XV style gilt bronze-mounted Kingwood and mahogany marquetry Encoigneurs, corner cabinets or vitrines, attributed to Paul Sormani. The upper section with molded cornice and shell cresting and enclosed by a bowed glazed panel door, the lower section surmounted by a marble top of arc-en-arbalète outline above two frieze drawers and cupboards below enclosed by tambour shutters, raised on short cabriole legs ending in foliate sabots, lockplates stamped "Sormani PARIS". Circa: Paris, 1875. Ref.: A1531
A Very Fine French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Mahogany and Ormolu Mounted Four-Door Vitrine, with two central bombé glass doors and single bombé glass doors on each side, the fluted mahogany columns with brass inserts and wrapped-around floral ormolu, the upper frieze with ormolu laurel swags, scrolls and acanthus. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2205
A Fine French 19th-20th Century Kingwood and Tulipwood Marquetry and Gilt-Bronze Mounted Vitrine, in the manner of François Linke (1855-1946). The slender single door display cabinet with with a red-velvet backing and bowed glass panels surmounted with acanthus and floral gilt-bronze mounts in the style of Léon Messagé (French, 1842-1901), the serpentine shaped front door with an ornate marquetry and ink colored panel depicting wreaths, ribbons and tied acantus leaves, all raised on four cabriolet legs ending with gilt-bronze paw-feet. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2173 - Lot 9279
A Very Fine French Louis XV Style Ormolu and Jasperware-Mounted Mahogany Single Door Vitrine, Attributed to François Linke (1855-1946). The two upper front corners surmounted with ormolu figures of females and centered with an ormolu allegrical floral arrangement with crowns and ribbons. The door surmounted with an oval Neoclassical Jasperware plaque, probably Wedgwood, of a maiden with cherubs, depicting Love, within a ribbon tied ormolu frame. Fitted with a variegated marble top and raised on four cabriolet legs. Two interior glass shelves. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2088
A Very Fine French Belle Époque 19th Century Tulipwood and Gilt-bronze Mounted Vernis Martin Decorated Vitrine by Louis Majorelle (French, 1859-1926). The single door case with a hand painted board depicting a garden courting scene surmounted with ormolu wreaths and a banded frame. The top with a pierced gilt-bronze gallery above an ormolu royal tassel trim flanked by a pair of female masks above crossed torches and flames, cross flutes, a tambourine, a pan flute, ribbons and a tassel. Raised of four cabriolet legs with corner ormolu wreaths and leaves ending with hooves. Circa: Paris, 1990. Ref.: A2099
A Fine French 19th/20th Century Louis XV Style Ormolu Mounted Tulipwood Vitrine with Marble Top, in the manner of François Linke (1855-1946). The slender single door cabinet fitted with a veined peach-color marble top, three interior glass shelves and yellow silk lining, beveled front and side glass panels and surmounted with ormolu floral mounts, cross-bands and an allegorical hat, trumpet and wreath shield, raised on cabriolet legs with gilt-bronze sabots. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2371
A Very Fine French Louis XVI Style Belle Époque Gilt-Bronze and Carved Verde Green and Parcel-Gilt Exhibition Vitrine Display Cabinet with side doors. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2064
A Superb Quality French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Ormolu Mounted Mahogany and Kingwood Vitrine Table, Attributed to Henry Dasson (French, 1825-1896), with a beveled glass lift top and lined interior, fluted tapered legs and a shaped stretcher. Circa: Paris, 1890. Ref.: A1998
A Fine French 19th/20th Century Louis XVI Style Belle Époque Ormolu Mounted Mahogany Ovoid Vitrine Table, in the manner of François Linke (1855-1946), with a beveled glass lift top and lined interior, surmounted with gilt-bronze florets and arrow sacks, raised on fluted legs and a lower shelf. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2152
A Fine French 19th-20th Century Louis XVI Style Belle Époque Ormolu Mounted Mahogany Ovoid Vitrine Table, attributed to François Linke (1855-1946), with a beveled glass lift top surmounted with a pierced gilt-bronze gallery in the shape of hearts and a lined interior, fluted legs and a lower shelf. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A2003 - Lot 11220
A Fine French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Mahogany and Ormolu Mounted Two-Tier Vitrine Cabinet. The upper section with a single glass front door below a pierced gilt-bronze floral railing and bowed glass side panels, the top with a draped gallery and fluted columns with gilt-bronze floral inserts. The lower section with a single apron drawer also surmounted with a pierced gilt-bronze floral railing above a single glass door surmounted with fluted columns with gilt-bronze floral inserts, the sides with bowed glass panels, all raised on four cone-shaped legs with gilt-bronze rings and sabots. Attributed to Théodore Millet. Circa: Paris, 1890-1900. Ref.: A1387
A Very Fine French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Ormolu Mounted Kingwood Parquetry Three-Door Vitrine Commode with two center glass shelves with mirror back and Marble Top, Attributed to François Linke. Stamped "FL" on the carcass. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A1891
A French Louis XVI Style "Belle Epoque" Mahogany and Gilt-Bronze Mounted Sever Exhibition Vitrine with Marble Top. The three-sided cabinet with twin front glass doors below a pair of apron drawers, the interior with a single curved glass shelf, mirror backing and a velvet shelf, the corners with acorn-floral gilt-bronze mounts, the apron with circular scrolled mounts, fitted with a mottled brown marble top and raised on four fluted legs with gilt-bronze rosette mounts and sabots. Circa: Paris, 1900's. Ref.: A2405 - Lot 2273
A Very Large and Impressive Austrian-German 19th Century Finely Carved Walnut Figural Black-Forest "Hunting" Credenza Bibliothèque (Bookacase). The intricately carved two-part body, the upper part with three domed glass doors and carved shelves, flanked with carvings of a boar and bird preys, tree branches, leaves, lion masks and a rounded trims, all crowned with a rectangular top with carvings depicting lion-heads, swans and shields. The bottom cabinet, equally ornately carved with three apron drawers above three doors, each door centered with a shield carving of a boar, fish and a bird, all decoratively tied with tree branches and leaves, the sides with carving of hunting dogs, all raised on carved lion-paws. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A1516 - Lot 9228
A Fine and Rare English 19th-20th Century Chippendale Style Carved Oak and Parcel Gilt Console Vitrine. The narrow upper two-door vitrine crowned with a carved parcel-gilt peacock feathers surmounted with foliage above a seashell. The lower five-legged console base fitted with two apron drawers, each with parcel gilt carving of wreaths centered with a seashell. The cabriolet legs with floral carvings ending on paw feet. The vitrine's interior fitted with two glass shelves backed with a lined with red silk and side glass panels. Circa: London, 1900. Ref.: A2175
A Fine 19th Century Louis XV Style Country French - Provincial Carved White-Washed Walnut Bombé Credenza Vitrine. The slender and tall carved single-door vitrine with a bowed front glass door and three adjustable glass shelves, crowned with a carved seashell and scrolled acanthus and floral sides, all above a single-door and two-drawer lower base with a pair of pull-out trays. Attributed to Le Maison Forest. Circa: 1890-1900. Ref.: A2296 - Lot 10052
A Fine and Rare Italian 19th Century Baroque Style Oak-Carved Figural Single-Door Vitrine Cabinet. The upper surmounted on each side with a figure of a young fisherman holding a fishing-net and a fish, the other figure representing a hunter holding his prey, the top with floral carvings, urns and architectural elements. The front door and sides with beveled glass panels. Circa: Florence, 1880. Note: This vitrine cabinet is part of a sixteen piece dining suite, however it may be sold separately. Please click here to view the rest of the dining suite. Ref.: A2201
A Whimsical and Rare French 19th-20th Century Art Nouveau green and parcel giltwood carved single door vitrine cabinet. The highly stylized body with a front glass door and two side glass panels all flowing with curvilinear forms of organic, floral and plant-inspired motifs and raised on four elongated curved cabriolet legs with curved feet, circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A1706
A Fine French 19th/20th Century Louis XV Style Mahogany and Gilt-Bronze Mounted Vitrine by Haentges Freres. The single door cabinet surmounted with ormolu mounts with floral motifs. Circa: Paris, 1900. Ref.: A1807
A French 19th-20th Century Baroque Revival Carved Oak Bombé Vitrine. The single front-door display cabinet with bowed front and side beveled glass panels, with two interior glass shelves and raised on carved front legs with figures of allegorical male masks. Circa: 1900. Ref.: A2382 - Lot 4653
A Fine Italian 19th-20th Century Baroque Revival Style Carved Walnut Figural Wine - Storage Cabinet. The elongated carved body centered with a single door with an amber glass inset and a wrought iron grill decoration, concealing eight interior drawers, flanked on each side with carved figures of bearded male guards, gargoyles and a pair of Corinthian columns. The scrolled base with a single drawer. Circa: Florence, 1900. Ref.: A2356 - Lot 10179
A Rare Spanish 19th/20th Century Gothic Revival Baroque Style Carved Mahogany and Forged Iron Vitrine Cabinet on Stand. The rectangular hammered iron drop-front exhibition, display or jewelry cabinet with corner lock-hooks and a padlock-ready latch, fitted with glass paneling on all sides and a single glass shelf with a mirror bottom, raised and supported on a carved mahogany Gothic style stand with shell-pull-out supports for the drop-front access door. Circa: 1900. Ref.: A2420 - Lot 1983
A French 19th/20th Century Empire Style Mahogany and Gilt-Bronze Mounted Study Suite Comprising of a Five-Drawer Desk with Leather Top, A Horse-shoe-shaped Armchair and a Three-Door Bibliothèque with Brass-Mesh-Doors and Marble Top. Circa: 1900. Ref.: A1454
A Large and Rare French Provincial 19th/20th Century Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Six-Door Bibliotheque (Bookcase), with three main large doors and an upper structure with three smaller doors, all with mesh fronts and cartouche-shaped panels, on cabriolet legs. Circa: 1900. Ref.: A1817
A Large and Impressive French 19th Century Finely Carved Walnut Three-Door Armoire/Vitrine. The converted vitrine with three front doors, three glass shelves and mirrored backing. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1517


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