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RAIMUNDO DE MADRAZO Y GARRETA (Spanish School, 1841-1920) An Exceptional and Palatial Oil on Canvas "Portrait of Isabelle McCreery” depicting an elegant woman gracefully exiting a litter (Sedan Chair), situated within a lovely fairytale setting of a fantastical vista dominated by verdant and blue-green hues, a pair of swans and a lily pad frame the scene in the foreground, within it's original impressive and ornate French 19th Century Rococo Style gildwood carved and gesso frame. Signed and dated ‘R. Madrazo, 1880' (lower left). At the bottom center of the impressive frame there is a gilded, wooden cartouch bearing in italicized script “Portrait of Isabelle McCreery.” This is original to the frame. Sometime after the death of the artist, possibly at the time the painting was given to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the painter’s name was added in block letters. Provenance: The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (Donated by Mrs. Richard McCreery in 1950).
Private Collection. Ref.: A2025
Georges-Marie-Julien Girardot (French, b. Besançon 1856 - d. Paris, 1914) "Avant la Noce" (Before the Wedding) A Large and Impressive French 19th Century Oil on Canvas depicting a joyous patio scene preparing for a wedding celebration, a young maiden defeathering a goose, another setting the plates at the table which is centered with the wedding cake, and older maind cooking in the background while another receiving the delivery of food from a local merchant, two gentlemen retrieving the wine from the basement cellar. From the artist: "La scène est representée dans la cour de la maison Granvelle â Pesmes" (The scene takes place in the courtyard of the Maison Granville in Pesmes, France). Signed and dated (lower left) "GEORGES-GIRARDOT / 1889". Circa: Paris, 1889. Ref.: A1950
Ferdinand Wagner II (German, 1847-1927) A Very Fine and Charming Triptych Group of Three Oil on Canvas Laid on Board Titled "An Allegory to Spring" each panel depicting different playful and joyous scenes of putti and a cherubs reminiscent of Spring, Love and Peace. The center panel depicting a seated putto, crowned with flowers, a standing putto behind him holding a sack of arrows and a seated cherub facing him next to a watchful peace dove on top resting of a flower bouquet. The left panel depicting a seated putto next to a standing putto with a freshly harvested apple. The right side panel depicting a standing cherub holding a fig branches with leaves. All three-in-one panels within individually carved gilt wood frames. All panels signed at the lower left: Ferd. Wagner. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A2148
Hans Zatzka (Austrian, 1859-1945) A Superb Quality Oil on Canvas Titled "Spring Love" Depicting a standing young maiden holding a wicker basket filled with fresh flower as she is being hugged and kissed by a young cupid while another cherub rings a bell and two doves kiss in a floral spring background. The quality and detail of this painting reflects Hans Zatzka's prime period of fine quality and detailed artworks. Within an ornate finely carved a gilded frame. Circa: 1885. Ref.: A1180
Hans Zatzka (Austrian, 1859-1945) A Superb Quality Oil on Board Titled "Springtime " Depicting two young maidens in the forest collecting flowers by a river bank, one standing with flowers pilled-up on her dress while the other rests on a tree-trunk, in the background, Zatzka's own trade mark depiction of two kissing doves. The quality and detail of this painting reflects Hans Zatzka's prime period of fine quality and detailed artworks. Within an ornate finely carved a gilded frame. Circa: 1885. Ref.: A1179
A Very Fine and Large Italian 18th Century Oval-Shaped Oil on Canvas Titled "The Triumph of Venice" After the original work by Paolo Veronese (1528 – April 19, 1588). The original of this painting hangs in the Palazzo Ducale, Venice. The 'Ricci' colouration suggests a late 17th or early 18th Century date. In 1715 Charles de la Fosse advised Ricci to paint only "Veroneses and no more Riccis". Circa: Venice, 1780. Ref.: A1761
Otto Pilny (Swiss, 1866-1936) Orientalist Painter - Oil on Canvas "The Slave Market Presentation". Signed and Dated (l/r): Otto Pilny 1910. Ref.: A1669
Victor-Henri Juglar (French, b. 1826) Oil on Canvas "Incroyable and Marveilleuses Selling Jewels During the Directoire" within its original gilt wood and gesso carved frame. Signed and dated: V. Juglar '73. Incroyable and Marveilleuses were the names given to the fashionable young men and women who would wear very eccentric and exaggerated clothes. This eccentricity expressed the relief and happiness of living during the mild regime of the Directoire (1795-1798). This paiting is one of Juglar's largest masterpieces for his exhibition at the Salon des Champs-Elysées. Circa: Paris, 1873. Exhibited: Paris, Salon des Champs-Elysées de 1873, No. 807. Ref.: A1265
Alois Hans Schram (Austrian, 1864-1919) A Very Fine, Large and Impressive Oil on Canvas Titled "Springtime with Friends" depicting five young maidens relaxing and chatting in the rear atrium of their Villa, four seated and one standing, with a landscape scenery full of bloomed flowers, trees, a lake, a castle and an intruding dog, within an ornate gildwood carved frame. Circa: Vienna, 1890. This fine artwork is one of Schram's largest paintings, probably commissioned for a Villa in Austria. Ref.: A2023
Gordon B. Coutts (Scottish/American, 1868-1937) A Very Fine and Large Oil on Canvas "Ashura Rituals, Tangier". (Arabic: عاشوراء‎ ʻĀshūrā’ - Urdu: عاشورا‎ - Persian: عاشورا‎ - Turkish: Aşure Günü). Signed and inscribed: 'Gordon Coutts/TANGIER (lower right). Circa: 1920. Ref.: A2075
Francois-Alfred Delobbe (French, 1835-1920) "The Little Neighbor" A Fine and Charming Oil on Canvas Depicting a Young Lady Standing next to a Sweet Young Girl Sitting at a Well-Head. Signed at lower center: A. Delobbe. Label on reverse has title and medals Hors Concours Paris, 1874 and 1876. Within an ornate gilt-wood and gesso frame. Circa: 1870. Ref.: A1630
A Very Fine, Charming and Large American 19th Century Oil on Canvas Titled "Spring" by Helen Everett Peabody Grant (American, 1861-1910) Depicting two young girls with their dog, one standing wearing a bonnet and a white tunic, holding a basket filled with white daisies and a seated dog on a leash. The other girl is seated on the grass with similar clothing. Canvas relined and within a gilt-wood and gesso frame. Signed: H.P. Grant, 1898. Ref.: A2138
Pietro Gabrini (Italian, 1856-1926) A Very Fine and Large Oil on Canvas "Three Singing Beauties" depicting three young maidens walking through a road path while embracing each other, one holding a tambourine and all wearing typical Italian 19th/20th Century country garments, within a very finely carved ornate giltwood/gesso frame with all original gilt. Signed and Dated: P. Gabrini, Roma 1898 (Lower left). Ref.: A1595
Henri Victor Lesur (Roubaix, France 1863-1900) A Fine French 19th Century Oil on Panel Titled "Poetry at the Park" Depicting an 18th Century park scene of a standing young Gentleman reciting poems to a couple of ladies and a gentleman at the 'Jardin des Tuileries' which was the garden for the 'Palais des Tuileries' built by Catherine de Medicis. Circa: Paris, 1890. Ref.: A2074
George Adolphus Storey (British, 1834-1919) A Very Fine and Large Oil on Canvas Titled "Love in a Maze". Signed & dated lower right "G. A. Storey 1873". The reverese bearing the trade labels from "Arthur Spencer, London" and "Thos. Agnew & Sons, London". Exhibited: Royal Academy, London, 1873, No. 387. Ref.: A1917
"Europa" (The Abduction of Europa) After Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre (French, 1714-1789) A Very Fine and Large French 19th Century Oil on Canvas within a very fine period rococo gildwood carved frame, depicting the god Jupiter in the guise of a bull gently winning the confidence of Europa, who drapes his horns with a crown of flowers. Europa mounts the bull, who carries her off across the water, abducted as his bride. Circa: Paris, Mid 1800's. Ref.: A1842
Francesco Ballesio (Italian, 1860-1923) An Orientalist Pencil and Watercolor Heightened with Gum Arabic on Paper Figure of "A Middle-Eastern Beauty at Rest" Signed and inscribed 'Ballesio Roma Tivoli' (upper right). Ref.: A1642
JULES SALLES-WAGNER (French, 1814-1898) A Large and Impressive French 19th Century Oil on Canvas "The Water Carrier" depicting a posing and standing young Gypsy girl holding two copper water buckets. Signed JULES SALLES (lower left). Within an ornate giltwood/gesso frame. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A1597
Moritz Stifter (Austrian-Danish, 1957-1905) A Fine and Charming Oil on Board Titled "Through the Keyhole" depicting a barely-dressed young beauty combing her hair before a full-length mirror as seen through a keyhole, within a gild-wood and gesso frame. Signed: M. Stifter (lower left). Circa: 1890-1900. Ref.: A1993
A Very Fine German 19th Century Circular Porcelain Plaque Painting of La Madonna della Sedia After Raphael Sanzio (1483-1520), depicting a seated Madonna and Child next to a child Saint John the Baptist, within a gilt wood carved figural frame, the plaque inscribed "Raphael" on the reverse and bearing a label that reads "Julius Greiner Sohn - Dresden A. Pragerstr. 251". Another inventory label reads "1800 Della Sedia 465 -Raphael CM". Circa: 1890. Ref.: A2134
A Large Fine and Rare Japanese 19th Century Meiji Period Silk Painting "A Foggy Morning by The Stream" Artist unknown. On an ebonized wood frame and protected with a lucite glass protection. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A1458
A Very Fine French 18th Century Oil on Canvas "Fecundity" Studio of Francois Lemoyne (French, 1688-1737) Depicting a mother with her infant children, within an ornate giltwood and gesso frame. (Relined). Circa: 1780. Ref.: A1646
Federico Mazzotta (Italian, 19th Century) A Very Fine Italian 19th Century Oil on Canvas "Greeting Grandfather" within an ornate gildwood carved frame. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A1570
Francis De Erdely (Hungarian/American, 1904-1959) “Mexican Shark Fishermen” water color and Pencil on Paper within a pine frame and protective glass. Signed: ‘De Erdely’ (lower right). Bears a sticker on reverse from The Pasadena art museum, Title: Mexican Shark Fishermen / Artist: Francis De Erdely / Lender: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colin / Exhibited: June 14 – July 14, 1960. Circa: 1930. Ref.: A1322
Charles Edward Hallé (British, 1846-1914) "Mother and Child" Oil on Canvas, depicting a young mother holding her child, within a carved gildwood frame. Circa: 1870. Ref.: A1361
A Very Fine and Large Italian 18th/19th Century Old Master School Oil on Cavas Titled "Leda and The Swan". Leda and the Swan is a motif from Greek mythology, in which Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan. Circa: Florence, Italy 1800. Ref.: A1355
Charles Edouard Edmond Delort (French, 1841-1895) Oil on Canvas "Game for the Cardinal", depicting a seated Cardinal behind an ornate French Louis XV Roll-Top Bureau du Roi, after the model by Jean-François Oeben currently at Versailles, a young boy delivering a game bird as a gift. The ornately decorated period room is most likely a room at the Vatican, within a gildwood carved frame. Signed (Lower left): C. Delort. Ref.: A953
Matteo Lovatti (b. 1861) "The Young Prince's Visit" Oil on Panel, Depicting a Tavern Scene with a jester introducing to a young Prince the seated gathering of a monk, three Trovadors and a server. Signed: M. Lovatti and inscribed Roma. (lower left). Ref.: A1948
Hans Zatzka, Austrian (1859-1945) "Spring Dance" A Fine Quality Oil on Canvas Depicting a Dancing Maiden Smelling Flowers Next to a Sitting Young Girl Collecting a Floral Arrangement. Signed: H. Zatzka (Lower right) within an ornate gildwood carved frame. Circa: 1900. Ref.: A1182
Théodore Le Monnier (French, 1815-1888) A Fine and Large Oil on Canvas Laid on Panel, titled "Le Sérénade" in an ornate gildwood carved frame. Signed on the lower right corner: Lemonnier Théodore. Ref.: A1144
Friedrich Ortlieb (German, 1839-1909) A Fine and Large Oil on Canvas Titled "New Year's Day at The Grandfather's" Depicting a joyous indoor family new year's celebration with an elder seated couple, the grandparents, enjoying a young boy's (grandson) poem recital, while other children await their turn as the mesmerized young parent stand and watch. A Christmas tree in the background, a cat sneaking by and a basket with wine and bread awaits being delivered as a gift to the elders. Signed: Fried Ortlieb, München 1873. Ref.: A1787
HENRY JOHN YEEND KING R.B.A, R.I., R.O.I. (British, 1855-1924) "At the Sundial" Oil on panel. Signed lower right: Yeend King. "YK" Sticker en verso. PROVENANCE: T. Richardson & Co. Fine Art Galleries, London (label verso). Within an ornate giltwood and gesso frame. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1644
Henri Victor Lesur (Roubaix, France 1863-1900) A Fine French 19th Century Oil on Panel Titled "The Flower Vendor" Depicting a young Gentleman with spectacles looking at the flowers sold by the beautiful flower merchant. Within an ornate floral and vine gildwood carved frame. Signed (l/l): V-Henry Lesur. Note: The artist is also known as Henry Victor Lesur. Ref.: A1660
Carl Becker (German, 1862-1926) "Karneval von Venedig" (The Venetian Carnival) Signed lower left: C. Becker - Oil on canvas on a gildwood frame. Ref.: A945
A Fine and Rare Italian 19th/20th Century Framed Stained Glass Panel Depicting a Pope, probably from the Vatican Workshop. (Electrified). Circa: 1900. Ref.: A2131
Francesco Peluso (Italian, 1836-1916) A Fine Italian 19th/20th Century Oil on Canvas "The Celebration" Depicting a young couple dressed for the festivities and walking through a dirt road playing musical instruments (Framed). Signed: F. Peluso (l/l) Circa: 1900. Ref.: A1741
A Very Fine French 18th/19th Century Oil on Canvas "The Triumph of Love" after François Boucher (French 1703-1770) depicting a semi-nude Venus holding a bow resting on a chariot surmounted with flowers next to a quiver with arrows, amidst cupids, cherubs, doves and a pair of embracing swans. Circa: Paris, 1800. Ref.: A2035
Attributed to Leopold Schmutzler (1864-1941) A Large 19th Century Oil on Canvas Bacchante Group depicting Two Allegorical Young Semi-Nude Maidens Dancing with Pan. Signed (Lower-Right). Circa: 1920. Ref.: A1674
A Very Fine and Large 18th Century Oil on Canvas Titled "Mother and Child" (Probably members of The Swedish Royal Family). Attributed to Michael Dahl (Swedish, 1659-1743), depicting a young mother holding her infant child on her lap with a floral bouquet, within a later gildwood and gesso frame. Unsigned - Relined. Circa: 1730-40. Ref.: A2031
A Fine Italian 19th century oil painting on canvas "La Madonna della Seggiola" After Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino 1483-1520) The circular canvas depicting a seated Madonna holding an infant Jesus Christ next to a child Saint John the Baptist, all within a massive carved gilt wood and gesso frame (all high quality gilt is original) which is identical to the frame on Raphael's original artwork. This painting is a 19th Century copy of Raphael's Madonna della Seggiola painted in 1514 and currently exhibited and part of the permanent collection at the Palazzo Pitti, Galleria Palatina, Florence, Italy. Circa: 1890-1900. Ref.: A2172
A. Stephan Sedlacek (German, 19th/20th Century) "The Violin Presentation" Oil on Canvas in a Gild-Wood Frame. Singned 'A. Stephan (lower right). Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1584
Hans Zatzka, Austrian (1859-1945) "Potrait of Haunz Javorasky Als Knabe Dressed as a Sailor" Oil on Canvas within a gildwood carved frame. Signed: H. Zatzka (Lower left). Circa: 1900. Ref.: A1181
S. Blackstone (Unk.) A Fine and Large 19th Century Oil on Canvas Titled "The Flower Seller" depicting young girl carrying a tray full of flowers, in the manner of Louis Marie de Schryver (French, 1862-1912). Signed: S. Blackstone. Ref.: A1841
Leon Berthaud (French, 19th Century) A Fine Pair of French Painted Porcelain Plaques, each depicting a standing Musketeer in his 18th Century custom, within a carved ebonized wood frame. Signed: Berthaud. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1576
Filippo Indoni (Italian, 1842-1908) "The Lover's Courtship" Watercolor on paper, depicting a young Italian couple seated and resting on a pile of rocks, the young man holding a trumpet and the young girl with a water jug by her side. Both in dressed in traditional country garments. Within a recent giltwood frame with a protective glass. Signed (l/r): Indoni. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A1546.
Rudolf Possin (German, 1861-1922) A Fine German 19th Century Oil on Canvas "A Young Girl Selling Oranges" in an ornate gildwood frame. Signed: Rud Possin (l/r). Ref.: A2091
José de Cala y Moya (Spanish, 1850 - 1891) A Fine 19th Century Oil on Canvas "The Wedding Party" (La Boda) Signed: Sala de Moya. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A757
A 19th Century Continental Oil on Canvas After Titan (Italian 1488-1576) "An Allegory of Music" in an ornate gilt-wood frame. Ref.: A340
A Very Fine and Large Swedish 19th Century Watercolor Portrait on Linen by Thure de Thulstrup (Swedish, 1848-1930) Titled "A Mother and Daughter Stroll at The Park" Circa: 1882. Formerly property from the Private Collection of The 22nd California Governor J.N. Gillett. Ref.: A1407
Giorgio Lucchesi (1855-1941) A Large and Impressive Early 20th Century Oil on Canvas "Madonna and Child" After Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (Spanish, 1618-1682) within an ornate giltwood carved frame. The original of this work dated 1638 is currently part of the collection at The Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence, Italy. Circa: 1910-20. Ref.: A1655
Follower of Frans Snyders (Dutch, 1579-1657) and Sir Peter Paul Rubens (Dutch, 1577-1640) A Very Large and Impressive Oil on Canvas "Putti Carrying a Garland of Fruit in a Landscape " (Der Früchtekranz) depicting seven allegorical playful putti carrying a garland of fruits and flowers, an embodiments of felicia tempora, hope for a happy future, this is an early 20th century copy of the original painting currently part of the collection at The Alte Pinakothek in Munich, Germany. Signed, inscribed and dated 'n. Rubens / V.A. Huff München 05' (lower left). Circa: 1905. Ref.: A2059
John Falconer Slater (British, 1857-1937) Large Oil on Canvas "Rough Coastal Seascape" depicting a marine British coastal scene on a cloudy day with rough a seas. Signed: Slater (Lower left) within an ornate giltwood carved frame, circa: 1890-1900. Exhibited: Royal Academy and widely on Tyneside. Ref.: A1321

Hans Hassenteufel (German, 1887-1922) Oil on Canvas "A Spanish Maja", Signed: P. Burnmeister, Munchen 1920 (l/l) Ref.: A1184

Marie Philips-Weber (German, 1845-1942) Oil on Canvas "Reading a Book", Signed: M. Weber Philips (l/r) Ref.: A1183
Hans Zatzka, Austrian (1859-1945) Oil on Leather with Parcel-Gilt Portrait of "Almée" Depicting a kneeling young Orientalist maiden playing the mandolin. Ref.: A1673

HEINZ PINGGERA (Austrian, b.1900) "The Recital" Oil on Canvas in a Gilt-Wood Frame. Signed (l/r): H. Pinggera. Ref.: A1679

A Large French 19th Century Oil on Canvas (Laid down on a board) "Les progrès de l'amour dans le cœur d'une jeune fille" The Progress of Love: The Lover Crowned, after Jean-Honoré Fragonard (French, 1732-1806). Circa: 1880. Ref.: A1806
A Fine Pair of French 19th Century Oil on Canvas "Allegory of Fortune and Virtue" the oval canvas depicting Fortune as a classical seated elegantly dressed maiden tossing gold coins on a plate, flanked by a putto holding Fortune's red blanket. Virtue is depicted by a similar maiden in armor with a spear and helmet, flanked by a putto holding keys. Both artworks within a gildwood and gesso oval frame. Circa: 1860-1870. Ref.: A2079
A Very Fine German 19th Century Circular Porcelain Plaque After Raphael's Madonna della Sedia depicting a Madonna and Child attended by a child Saint John the Baptist, within a gildwood carved figural frame in 24 carat gold leaf, the plaque inscribed Firenze on the rear, probably manufactured by KPM for the Italian market. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1854
Federico Mazzotta (Italian, 19th Century) A Very Fine Italian 19th Century Oil on Canvas "A Maiden with her Calf", depicting a joyous farm girl next to her calf. Circa: 1880-1890. Ref.: A1920
Attributed to Edward Moran (American, 1829-1901) "A Barber Shop" Oil on Canvas depicting a barber shaving a frighten man, within a gilt frame. Signed: E.W. (Lower left). Circa: 1880. Ref.: A2153
A Fine Pair Singerie Sub-Genre Chinoiserie Style Painted Panels, after the antique, the elaborately painted wood panels, designed after the Trompe l'oeil panels in the Salon des Singes at The Château Chantilly, each panel depicting allegorical scenes of fashionably attired monkeys aping human behavior, playing musical instruments, swinging from vines and being swung, the pale background amongst cornucopias filled with flowers, urns, masks, scrolls and acanthus. Circa: 20th Century. Ref.: A2006
A Fine and Large 19th Century Oil on Canvas After Bartolomé Esteban Murrillo's (Spanish, 1617-1682) "Beggar Boys Playing Dice" (The original work by Murillo was painted in 1675). The impressive artwork depicts two young boys playing dice while another eats a piece of fruit as his dog watches on. The original work by Murillo is currently at the Alte Pinakothek Museum in Munich, Germany. The present work is signed: L. Rüber. Circa: Late 19th Century. Ref.: A2009
Federico Ballesio (Italian, 19th Century) A Fine Italian Watercolor "The Courting". Signed. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1376
Felix Possart (German, 1837-1928) Oil on Canvas "A Spring Alpine Journey" Depicting a young man traveling through the Alps. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1496
A Very Fine Italian 18th Century Oil on Canvas "Mary & Baby Jesus" After Giovanni Lanfranco (Italian, 1581-1617) within an ornate gildwood carved frame. Circa: 1780   Ref.: A1046
A Very Fine English 18th Century Old Master Oil on Canvas Depiction Two Children, A young Price with a Dog and a Young Princess holding a basket of flowers. Circa: London, 1770.  Ref.: A1011
A Fine French 19th Century Oil on Panel Titled "The Bather and her Maid" After François Le Moyne (1688-1737) depicting a standing nude maiden being assisted by her maid, within an ornate gildwood and gesso frame. Circa: Paris, 1850. Ref.: A2022
A Fine Italian 18th Century Old Master School  Oil on Canvas of "Madonna and Child" in an Ornate Gildwood Carved Frame.  Circa: 1780. Ref.: A962
A Very Fine Italian 19th Century Old Master School Oil on Canvas of a "Madonna and Child" in an Ornate Gildwood Carved Frame. Circa: 1850. Ref.: 954

A Very Fine Russian Mid 19th Century Polychromed and Gilded Icon on Panel with Figures of Standing Saint's and a Watchful Jesus Christ. Circa: 1850. Ref.: A936

A Fine Large French 19th Century Oil on Board Painting of Three Maidens with Putti, After François Boucher, in a gildwood frame. Circa: France, 1870. Ref.: A910
A Very Fine Austrian Oil on Canvas by Karl Viktor Mayr (Vienna, 1882-1974) Depicting an Exotic Model, Signed and dated Karl Mayr 1903, Framed. Ref.: A806
A Very Fine French 18th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Posing Lady with Flowers, After Jean-Marc Nattier (1685-1766) in an Ornate Gildwood Carved Frame. Circa: 1780. Ref: A759
Adolf Constantin Baumgartner Stoiloff (Austrian/Russian, 1850-1924) A Fine Oil on board "Charging Warriors on Horse" within an ornate gildwood frame. Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1575
Small Italian 18th/19th Century Old Master's School Oil on Canvas Depicting Two Hunters in a Capriccio Garden, in the style of Francesco Guardi. Unsigned. Fine quality. In an ebonized and parcel gilt carved frame. Ref.: A758
Antique Old Master School 18th/19th Century Spanish Oil on Board "The Crucifixion", the board re-inforced with a wood cradle. Ref: A752
A 19th century oil on canvas "Stream" by Louis Alexandrie Cabie, 1892. Height: 35 inches Length: 51 1/2 inches Ref.: A116
A Continental 19th Century Oil on Canvas of a Smoking Arab and a Odalisc Playing Music, by V. Shykiers. Circa: 1880. Ref: A259
Italian 19th Century Oil painting on Canvas Titled "The Music Professor" by Carlo Yani Circa: 1890. Ref.: A277
FREDERICK REGINALD DONAT (Italian 1830-1907) Oil on canvas "The Day's Catch" unframed. Circa: 1890. Ref: A280
A Continental 19th Centurty Oil on Canvas "The Theatre" on a gild-wood frame, Unsigned. Circa: 1880. Ref.: A298
A 19th Century Italian Old Master Oil on Board "Madonna and Child" on a giltwood frame. Circa 1890. Ref.: A299
An English 18th Century Oil on Canvas (Laid on board) "Portrait of a Lady" in a Gilt-wood Frame. Circa: 1780 Note: This painting was formerly owned by boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Ref: A350
A Large Italian School 19th Century Oil on Canvas "The Holy Family" in a Massive Gilt-wood Frame. Circa: 1880. Ref: A352
HANS ZATZKA (Austrian, 1859-1949) Oil on Canvas titled "Madonna and Child" by Hans Zatzka (l.l) in gildwood frame. Ref.: A523
W.S. Lacey (British, 19th/20th Century) A Fine and Large Oil on Canvas (laid on board) "Tall Ship at Sail" withing. Signed and Dated: W.S. Lacey, 1940. Ref.: A2049
A Fine French 18th Century Old Master School Oil On Canvas Depicting Three Semi-Nude Ladies Resting in Amongst sheep, After Nicolas Lancret (French, 1690–1743). Circa: 1780. Ref.: A1497
Donna Schuster (1893-1953) “Nude Bathers” watercolor, pencil and gouache within a giltwood carved frame and protective glass. Signed ‘Donna Schuster’ (Lower Right). Circa 1920-1930. Ref.: A1306
Donna schuster (1883-1953) “Mother and Child” watercolor, pencil and gouache within a giltwood carved frame and protective glass. Signed ‘Donna Schuster’ (Lower Right), circa 1920-1930. Ref.: A1304
Fanny Sugars (British, 1856-1933) A Fine Oil on Canvas Depicting a Portrait of Standing Young Girl Wearing a Bonnet, Signed and Dated: 'Fanny Sugars / 1881' (lower right). Ref.: A2058
ZHAI XINJIAN (China, b. 1950) "The Model" Oil on Canvas depicting a female nude model posing seated on a draped stool, within a gilt-wood frame. Signed in Chinese and Dated : 1987-9-20 (lower-right). Listed and illustrated in The Hefner Galleries Contemporary Oil Paintings from The People's Republic of China Brochure of ZHAI XINJIAN - Recent Paintings - May 3-28, 1988. Ref.: A1947
Victor Clyde Forsythe (1885-1962) “California Desert, Twentynine Palms” Oil on board. Signed and Dated ‘Victor C. Forsythe/13’. Ref.: A1303
An Orientalist 19th Century Oil on Canvas "A North African Street Scene" Signed: L. JMBRO. Ref.: A1591
Franz (Bernard) Gailliard (Belgian, 1861-1932) "La Place Sainte Gudule à Bruxelles Après Le Carnaval" A Fine and Large Oil on Canvas depicting a street scene in late 19th Century Brussels - La Place Sainte Gudule - after the Carnaval. Unframed. Signed: F. GAILLIARD (l/r). Circa: 1890. Ref.: A1732


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